Take part!

This crowdsourcing experiment relies on community participation. By taking part in this collective project, your memories and personal accounts can help us to understand more about the historical aspects of migration in Luxembourg.

#memorecord is keen to collect any posts related to your memories of migration in Luxembourg. Tell us your story. Join the harvest! Use #memorecord on your Facebook and Instagram posts.

Anyone interested can also to participate simply by sending a letter to the project curator:

✉ Anita Lucchesi
Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH)
Université du Luxembourg
Maison des Sciences Humaines
11, Porte des Sciences
L - 4366 Esch-Belval

How #memorecord works

All public posts on Facebook and Instagram tagged with the project hashtag (#memorecord) will be shared on our social networks and displayed in our website gallery, under Stories. Our collection policy respects the privacy settings of users and their original posts on Facebook and Instagram, so only posts that are open and public will be collected. If a post is deleted on Facebook or Instagram, it will be deleted from our social networks and from our website gallery as well.

If you want to share something privately, you are also welcome to contact the project curator by e-mail.

Why your participation matters?

One of the main questions #memorecord wants to answer is “What is behind and beyond the successful story of migration in Luxembourg?”. The more people participate, the more diverse our collection and the more wide-ranging and democratic our answer can be.

#memorecord welcomes Luxembourgers and migrants of all nationalities to share their memories of migration in Luxembourg. All languages are welcome. Add your piece to this mosaic of memories. Tell us your story. Join the harvest!