Memory harvest

If you feel like sharing your memories face-to-face or if you have pictures, old documents, and objects that you would like to add to your story, join one of the Exchange & Collection Days with #memorecord.

The events will be announced on this page, as well as on the project’s social media.

Past events:

#Memorecord Memory Harvest at RIFF World Village Vol. 3 29 June 2018, 17h - 23h Memorecord corner, with Anita Lucchesi and Mariana Mendes @ Rotondes, Luxembourg Ville.
#Memorecord - une récolte des mémoires. Quelle est la valeur d’une histoire? 20 May 2018, 15h - 17h Workshop animé par Anita Lucchesi @ Expo Memória Episódika, Espace H²O, Differdange, Join the harvest!